IBT Jetty Rebuild

  • Phase 1 of 3 was the Jetty rebuild - which included the fabrication of 30no 12 meter complete walkway sections within our Workshop. Once on site we fitted 15no on to pre drilled and erected bracings, with the other 15 fitted between site modified trestle supports. We fabricated and installed a total of 360 meters of walkway using Crane Barges. 
  • Phase 2 was 22no tubular steel bracings that we fixed to existing concrete Pier supports using a Pontoon.
  • Phase 3 was fabrication of 7no 12 meter infill units complete with Opepe Timber decking, delivered to site and installed along with hand-railing.


Ornithological Tower

Design, fabrication and erection of an Ornithological Tower on the Glen APP Windfarm. With over 10 tonnes of steel transported to Scotland we erected this 17.5 meter Tower, complete with staircase and hand-railing. Once complete we attached the viewing hide to the top platform. 


Climbing Tower

For Let Loose! Yorkshire we used over 17 tonnes of steel to fabricate the complete frame for their Hexagonal Climbing Tower.



We fabricated and installed a 10 tonne replacement Hopper, complete with additional access staircases.